Waves Ceramic Coasters - Set of Four


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The WAVES design is a fun addition to any table or desk with modern meets vintage vibes. Hues of blue and blue-green contrast with the bone white background matte ceramic.

4.25" stone coasters - set of 4 coasters - with thin cork underside - This heavy ceramic stone is super absorbent and ideal for cold drinks with condensation - ceramic coasters are great for hot containers too

CARE: Rinse spills to prevent staining. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry cork side up. Some stains can be treated by preparing a mixture of one part bleach to three parts water. Soak overnight. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry cork side up. Red wine and similar stains may prove difficult to treat. The absorbent qualities of this stone will grab and try to hang on to liquids and sometimes that means colors too. The good news is, your furniture was saved from the same fate. Yay coasters! Absorbent Stone is not recommended for use with metal containers as these can leave metal marks behind. PRO TIP - if you are a rebel and chose to use metal on the stone - you may like to know that metal marks may be buffed off with Bar Keepers Friend.